Snagov Monastery & Therme & Flight
Snagov Monastery & Therme & Flight
Snagov Monastery & Therme & Flight – Every Day


Do you have several hours left and do not know what to do? Do you have an afternoon or evening flight? Or you just want to relax several hours at the most modern SPA in Europe? We have one of the best solution for you: visit with us, for 25 €/ pers (tickets included), the tomb of the famous Dracula at Snagov Monastery and we can leave you at Therme with your luggage (safe at Therme cloakroom) or at Henri Coandă Otopeni Airport. From the Bucharest hotel departure until we leave you at Therme or at the airport will be maximum 2 – 2.5 hrs. Book the mini tour now on whatsapp. […..]


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București: Centru Online de Informații Turistice (Online Tourist Information Center)

Do you need tourist assistance / information about Bucharest / Romania? Please CONTACT us ONLY ON WHATS’APP.

  • 1. Bucharest Old Town – discover in the daytime how Bucharest was built and developed around the Fortress of Dracula (Curtea Veche) and make a selfie with the famous Dracula, light a candle and pray at the beautiful Stavropoleos Monastery, drink a coffee at Hanul lui Manuc – the last caravanseray built in Europe or at the coffee shops at Macca – Vilacrosse Passage or buy an album about Romania at Librăria Carturesti – maybe the most beautiful bookshop from Romania. You can have a romantic dinner in the evening at one of the many beautiful restaurants and in the night time you can feel the beautiful atmosphere and the nightlife at the pubs and clubs that made Bucharest famous.

  • 2. The Parliament Palace – enjoy a visit to the biggest building in Europe and the 2nd in the world after the Pentagon – but do not forget to take your passport or ID card with you and to book a tour by calling only one day before at the Parliament Palace phone numbers 004 0733 558 102/ 103 between 10.00 – 16.30. Daily tours (10.00 – 16.30) in Romanian, English, French, Spanish with an average time of 1h 30 min.

  • 3. The Village Museum – spend several hours at the beautiful open air ethnography museum exposing 400 rural houses and households from all over Romania – daily from 09.00 to 17.00 – near Aviatorilor metro station

  • 4. Calea Victoriei – make a walking tour on the most beautiful and famous street in Bucharest with many beautiful palaces at least between The National Museum of Art – the former Royal Palace and The National History Museum – the former Post Office Palace

  • 5. The Romanian Atheneum – if you like classical music do not miss a cultural evening at the beautiful concert hall with the remarkable acoustic (on the 4th place in the world regarding the quality of sound)

  • 6. Casa Ceaușescu (Primăverii Palace) – visit the residence of Ceaușescu Family (Tue – Sun from 10.00 – 17.00) – near Aviatorilor metro station and see how the former dictator of Romania and his family were living. Book at: 004 021 318 09 89

  • 7. The Cotroceni Palace – Bucharest residence of Romanian kings (Tue – Sun from 09.30 – 17.30) – book a tour at 004 021 317 31 07 and take your passport or ID card with you

  • 8. Cișmigiu Park – maybe the most beautiful public garden in Bucharest

  • 9. The National Museum of Art – if art is your passion then you shall visit the former Royal Palace with the Romanian Art Collection exposing Romanian masterpieces (religious art objects and books, and also works of Romanian painters and sculptors including Constantin Brancusi) and the European Art Collection exposing masterpieces of Rembrandt, Rubens, El Greco, Rodin and many others

  • 10. The National History Museum – if you are a fan of history and treasures the place to visit is the former Post Office Palace hosting the Thesaurus of Romania and a copy of the column of Trajan from Rome and many stone and marble pieces from antiquity

  • On top of that you can spend some relaxing hours in the most modern and elegant SPA in Europe at Therme. Enjoy your staying in Bucharest.

  • Ciorbă de fasole cu afumătură și ceapă (Bean soup with smoked meat and onion)
  • Ciorbă rădăuțeană (A very popular soup from Moldova)
  • Ciorbă de burtă (Tripp soup)
  • Mici (skinless sausages – popular with mustard & beer)
  • Ciolan cu fasole (Pork knuckle with bean)
  • Sarmale (Cabbage rolls with pork meat & polenta)
  • Tochitură (Chopped meat popular from Moldova)
  • Papanași (the best Romanian sweet cake)

    BEST OF ROMANIA is organising free tours and daily tours in Bucharest and all over Romania. Bucharest city break tours include:
    – Parliament Palace visit (the largest building in the world after the Pentagon)
    – Cotroceni Palace Museum (the residence of Romanian kings)
    – Village Museum
    – Dracula’s fortress in Bucharest
    – The Metropolitan church and palace of Patriarchy (the head of Romanian Orthodox Church)
    – Minivan tours on the main boulevards with photo stops in the most important places
    – Walking tour in the old Bucharest
    For details and bookings please CONTACT us.

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